KaritKarma Limited offers the following cost-effective custom-tailored object-driven top-notch, unique & proven solutions in order to meet today’s technological needs of your esteemed organization.

Besides our flagship SaaS enterprise resource planning & business automation ecosystem “BizRP”, we are offering the following ITES:


Technology Management

Hardware/Software Management & Support

  • Remote Support
  • Service Help Desk Support & Integration
  • Proactive monitoring through FIFO token based remediation

Professional Services

  • Vendor Liaison Services
  • CIO/Strategy Formulation
  • Project Management
  • IT Asset Management, Audit & Licensing


Server Solutions

  • On-site and off-site server solutions
  • Application & System Virtualization
  • 100% software/hardware Thin Client/Server planning, settlement & establishment. (Cut Hardware cost up to 70%, Maintenance 75% & Power up to staggering 97 %)
  • Windows/ UNIX/ Linux based server integration & commissioning with clustering & SLB (Server Load Balancing)

Network Print Server Centralization/Consolidation (All enterprise shares printing through 1 unified print server) / Consolidation & document management/ archiving through high speed imaging.

    • Patented & Patent Pending technology for token-based accounting for entire enterprise-wide deployed print sharing system with accounting inclusive of high availability.
    • Image format conversion (Vector to Raster), digitization & drafting solution commissioning, and integration
    • Media warehousing and contractual multimedia content development and aggregation, supply and commissioning (A complete company build up utensils e.g. from visiting card to letterhead pad, digital designing, digitization, production & printing)
    • Automatic Document Conversion (DOC/XLS/CSV/PDF/TXT vise versa). Image to text conversion with state-of-art ultra-high accuracy OCR system.
    • Shared Portal Deployment and management using MS-Sharepoint Server and Intranet Dashboard Server.

Data backup and disaster recovery

  • Microsoft Windows RIS based automated enterprise-wide systems image deployment and disaster management/ restoration system integration
  • Acronis based enterprise systems/data backup & restoration platform deployment
  • Symantec Ghost Based enterprise systems/ data backup & restoration platform deployment
  • Integration of CDP (Continuous Data Protection) which is standard for high availability systems and real-time restoration including failover support
  • Disk/System imaging/cloning delivery and restoration (Centralized/Distributed)
  • Syndicated Disaster Recovery/ High Availability Data Center Design & Integration
  • Disk-Based/ Tape Based Data Backup, Consolidation & Filtered backup and drill down Restoration
  • Multi-Fiber Looped SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Attached Storage), DAS (Direct Attached Storage) design & integration.

Security and Compliance Solutions

  • Virus/Spyware 3600 protection solution
  • Email Security & Anti-spam Solutions
  • Firewalls
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions
  • Industry Standard UDARM (Unified Device Access Rights Management & Control)
  • Energy Star Compliance using scheduled shutdown/ suspend/ hibernation of desktop/laptops deployed and energy star rated profile control to conserve energy, enhance nature as well as save on electricity bills.
  • Windows Kernel Driver Based System Stability Management (Client/Server) & Unauthorized Execution Prevention Enforcement
  • Biometrics-based access control system design deployment & commissioning.

 Online Solutions

    • Web Hosting
    • E-mail Hosting
    • Hosted Servers & Applications
    • Domain Name Registration, Parking & Forwarding (.bd domain welcome)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SMS Short Code Based application response and support for voting, scheduling, social marketing affiliation, result status verification, share status, target marketing & voluntary census response
    • Multi-tier Highly Agile & Responsive Website Design, development & integration

 E-commerce (Electronic Commerce)

    • SET (Secured Electronic Transaction)/SSL integration & validation
    • Development, integration, and transaction of triple tier web application with the e-cart transaction checkout system
    • Development of e-portal for B2B transaction with options for multimodal payment services option
    • National & International e-payment gateway verification and settlement.
    • E-Loyalty card services

 Distributed/Unified Communication Solutions

    • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
      • VOIP & SIP infrastructure deployment
      • Proprietary NEC (Analog/ Digital /Hybrid) PBX integration & commissioning (Certified Industrial Solutions Provider)
      • Fonality / Zendesk/ Asterisk based custom VOICE solution design & integration
    • Internet Data Connectivity & High Availability/ Failover support of redundant data/internet/LAN/WAN links & NLB (Network Load Balancing) through affiliated multiple ISP/IPLC/PDSN service provider
    • QoS based bandwidth Intranet/Internet Bandwidth shaping & BGP4 intelligent routing
    • EOIP, PPOE, WOIP & VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec etc.) designing, integration & commissioning
    • Layer 2 based intelligent switching SPT, VLAN tagging, appropriating subnet management & broadcast storm control

 Data/Call Center BOT/Turnkey Solution Syndicated Service Integration

    • Syndicated Call Center Integration, Operation & Management
    • Syndicated Tier – I, II & Partial Tier III Data Center integration & management
    • Server Room Design, Integration & Commissioning
    • Endpoint Structured Networking & Raised Floor Solutions
    • Providing syndicated service of Authenticating and Auditing trail for Data Center Integration according to the U.S.A (TIA 942, BICSI 002), Euro (EN 50600, EN 50173-5) & ISO/IEC (24746) standards.

 IT Management Training

    • Specialized training on ERP implementation strategy
    • Unique customized training on User End Security Management using the UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances.
    • Building cautionary awareness of company end-users regarding malicious activities of virus/spyware/trojans as well as thumbs rule of protecting and primary level quarantine and tier 1 decontamination best practices.
    • Custom-tailored training on Time and Change Management.

 UMS (Unified Messaging Services)

    • Integration of different communications media (e.g. Voice, Video, e-mail, short messaging, pager, FAX) into a single converged architecture (e.g. UMS)
    • Development & deployment of media convergence infrastructure for supporting different UMS infrastructure with AVST, David.FX, Systemetrix etc.

 Radio Wireless (Government/ Semi Government/ Special Agencies/ Defense Contract only)

    • End to End VHF/UHF radio encryption (Analog / Digital)
    • Trunked Radio Base Station with digital RF encryption (1 to 1, 1 to many, many to many)
    • Different UHF/VHF wireless Radio Sets (Conventional / Trunked)
    • Point to Point CSD Secure GSM mobile phone system integration. (Needs Permission from Special Agencies, BTRC, and Telcos)
    • BTRC radio frequency allocation consultancy
    • Chipset level repair and maintenance of Radio Wireless Devices, repeaters, antennas, duplexers, and DC PSUs with the assurance of spare parts. Reconditioned sets/accessories available upon request.

 Surveillance and fire protection/Prevention

    • Digital and Analogue surveillance system consisting of IP DVR and Analogue DVR
    • IP Based (PoE) wired/wireless surveillance camera
    • Aggregation of Multiple IP Cam/DVR through the help of surveillance management software (CMS)
    • Customization of fire protection & prevention alarm system inclusive dry run, testing armament, and commissioning of the system consisting of smoke detector and heat sensors tailored with the centrally deployed H2O sprinkler mechanism, halone system or FM200 rated fire hydrant sub-system.

Cloud Services

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS through “BizRP” both CAPEX & OPEX model

Software Development

  • Enterprise Custom Built Software Development & Integration
  • Web Applications Development & Optimization
  • Mobile Applications Development (Android & iOS)
  • OTP Application Development (Android, AppleTV, Roku, Xbox, Sony PS, Samsung, and LG)
  • User Experience (UIX) Development
  • Web Development
    • Large Content Management Solution & SEO Optimization
    • News Paper Optimization, News Portal Development & Archival Solution
    • Web Portal Solution inclusive B2B & B2C e-commerce and SET integration
  • ICT Infrastructure Design and Manage Service
    • Data Center Design
    • Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • ICT Consultancy
    • Business Process Automation
    • B2B Optimization and Development
    • B2C Planning
    • Business Development & Marketing